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Naked english sex

In these cultures, nudity is only normal when a person is alone, for example, dressing or bathing.In other cultures, it is quite normal for people to be naked together, for example, when dressing or swimming.For example, people sometimes are nude so their doctor to check if they are healthy or not.

Even with people from the same culture, different people can have different feelings about nudity.The same sort of laws can also allow people to be partly naked in some places but not in others, for example, women might be allowed to have naked breasts on the beach, but not in a shopping centre.When a woman uncovers her breasts on the beach, this is called toplessness (because her swimsuit is "topless").Nudity (or nakedness) is when a person is not wearing clothes.The word "nudity" can also be used when only part of a person's body is uncovered.

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Some countries have very strict laws about whether a person can be nude in public, and what parts of the body can be shown.