My avira antivir is not updating

Posted by / 27-May-2020 14:25

My avira antivir is not updating

I had to download an Avira deinstallation app first, and do some operations in safe mode).

Then scroll along and click on any red crosses (Deny) and change them to green ticks (Allow).

But recently the automatic update function has stopped working. If anyone has any experience with Avira removal, please let me know.

It works fine on my other surface, just my laptop seems to be having problems.

Windows 10 wants to install an update on my computer, but it tells me that I have to deinstall the Avira Antivir app, first.

The trouble is, I deinstalled that app one year ago (which was quite a hazzle.

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Hi, I had this problem with Avira not updating, and found that even though I am using Firefox, the solution is in Explorer. Avira needs to look into this as this means the setup is taking the LAN settings from IE even if you use Firefox. I think its because they have few servers or some type of ancient setup over there. Now to the right of Application Control click Settings. Set the second one (Defense Net) to Manual from Auto. You should get a popup from Zone Alarm saying something has been blocked from accessing the internet. This was why I couldn't find it in the Zone Alarm program list, because ZA doesn't list it as "Avira". No problems updating except to say there are better times of day to attempt to update.. If you are new to the CNET Forums, please read our CNET Forums FAQ.

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