Mothers rights with ex husband dating dating with russian ladies

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Mothers rights with ex husband dating

Girlfriends come and go and this might be over before you can say tramp.

On the other hand, if the girlfriend has some staying power, there are some things you can do.

If the girlfriend has her own kids, it can complicate things when your children are expected to take part in this new mixed family.

If you feel that your kids' complaints are valid, it is ok to have a talk with your ex and explain that while you don't have a problem with the girlfriend, the kids are having a hard time adjusting.

If your child likes the girlfriend, you know that at least things aren't completely miserable during visitation.

But just because your child is happy doesn't mean you're happy.

If you get eyewitness reports of adult behavior, there is a problem.

If your child is not being properly cared for, it's on his head.

Don't point fingers or suggest the girlfriend is a hussy (even if you think she is).

Instead make this about how the kids are feeling and say that you want to think of ways together to help them be more comfortable.

Politely but firmly remind your ex of what behavior is appropriate in front of the kids and what is not. Some children feel as if their dad spends too much time focusing on the girlfriend and ignores them.

Some feel the girlfriend is mean or doesn't like them.

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It can be hard to approach your ex about this without getting confrontational, so you have to stick strictly to the facts and not get caught up in your feelings.