Mike rowe dating danielle burgio ashleigh dating

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Mike rowe dating danielle burgio

Danielle Burgio used to be a Broadway dancer, turned Hollywood stuntwoman, who is now embarking on her acting career.She has appeared in such TV productions as 24, CSI: NY and Worst Case Scenario, as well as films including Green Hornet, Karla and House of The Dead 2.

He started hosting Someone ‘s Gotta Can It on CNN from October 2014 where he spoke some careers which aren’t that attractive to the majority of us.

Danielle Burgio's diverse talents have led her down an exciting path from Broadway dancer, to top Hollywood stunt actress, to film maker.

After her debut in Starlight Express on Broadway, her talents found her in Los Angeles pursing an acting career where she was given the opportunity to join the stunt world.

Working as a stuntwoman has provided Burgio with countless opportunities to evade explosions and dangle from skyscrapers.

Micheal Gregory is professionally known as Mike Rowe is an American narrator and a television host.

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