Male victims of dating violence online dating inconsistencies

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Male victims of dating violence

Young boys are taught not to express their emotions, to “suck it up” and “be a man.” Tony Porter calls this the “man box” in his well-known TED talk.This can be extremely detrimental to boys as they age, especially if they find themselves in an abusive relationship.The abuse of men is often treated as less serious, or a “joke.” We’ve seen this in action recently with the elevator footage of Solange Knowles attacking Jay-Z.When a man is abused, many people don’t take it as seriously (in part due to the previous two reasons we’ve mentioned). All victims deserve support and resources to help them feel safe.If you or a male you know has been the victim of sexual violence, these webpages can provide you with information that can help. Your experience with sexual violence was not your fault and is not an isolated problem.Regardless of gender, services at The Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.If you are a male victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, you should know that you are not alone.According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1 in 4 men will experience some form of physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime. No one should have to be afraid or feel unsafe in his or her relationship.

Also, there are a few national organizations that were established to help men - see our National Organizations for Male Victims page.

Men may feel discouraged to talk about what’s going on in their personal lives, or they feel like no one will believe them.

They may not even realize that they are being abused, or they might assume they should just deal with the abuse on their own.

At the Hotline, we know that domestic violence can affect anyone – including men.

According to the CDC, one in seven men age 18 in the U. has been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in his lifetime.

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