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And before you do, you might want to tell the caller: Have you gotten a call like this? Submit a complaint at, or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

And learn more about recognizing and reporting lottery scams and prize scams.

It took 4 years to convince her to stop answering the phone, and for the last 3 years she has also received this crap by mail which in spite of everyone's advice she still falls for it on occasion. She did not lose any money fortunately because I found out what was going on.I asked the nice black woman to put me on a DO NOT CALL. If you get more calls from scammers, it's best to not talk to them and not press any buttons to be taken off the list.The day after, I received more than 30 phone calls. I tried to confront them even called them names like xxxxxxxs and so on. If you respond, then they know someone has that phone number and they'll keep calling.I just don't answer the phone if it says "UNKNOWN" or an area code that I don't know anyone. I have worked in the customer service industry for years and when people say am on the national do not call list i just laugh at them and put hem back in que.that is like the worst thing that you can say to someone that dont care about your do not call list.

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I'm so upset I got a call saying I won 1.5 million dollars for Publishers Clearing House the guy was very very persistent I hung up on him and he called me right back keeps calling me I don't know what to do very much freaking me out Change my telephone number which has been associated with my business for over 40 years?

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