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Give me Selita Ebanks, Liya Kebede or the young Tyra Banks anyday over this chick. Even if a black woman has a weave it doesn't mean her hair is short.Although black women look good with short hair like Halle Berry and Toni Braxton. Black women look good with rocking any texture or length hair.me myself,i would date outside my race ,but won't marry. because in America the image of beauty is a white woman, that is all you see on the bill boards, adds, etc.by zeezy northphilly I am disappointed First of all let me point out why black men do not date black women often in America, because they are white washed, and all you see on the TV. so they have been brain washed to believe that if they are with a non black woman they have accomplished something grand, which that is so far from the truth, all women are beautiful and bring something of importance to the world and to a man.If you ask me black women hair is one of the things that make them beautiful and unique .Look up Pam Grier and watch you change your mind about saying how afros look .

have failed black woman and are demoralizing us and defaming our character, all black woman are not " ghetto, loud, ignorant, many of us are college graduates etc.

Vanessa is a beautiful young strong woman with a great man. The BEST looking children come from blended families.

I'm a huge Lakers fan :))) God bless your family.... Your beautiful and so is your family :) by Vanessa bryant I think its Beautiful to see different races blending.

Another thing I appreciate is that black women leave their bodies pretty much natural while these other ones cutting up everything.

by Dale Toni Braxton, Tamron Hall, Anita Baker, and etc rocked short hair for all or most of thier careers.

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and many black women have long beautiful natural hair, and yes some of us do where hair weaves, but surprise sorry to bust your bubble white woman where them too.

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