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Kansas chat room

Robinson cashed Faith's pension checks for the next seven years.

She was hired by Robinson, who reportedly promised her extensive travel and a new wardrobe. At Western Missouri Correctional Facility he met 49-year-old Beverly Bonner, the prison librarian, who upon his release left her husband and moved to Kansas to work for him.

At this time he reportedly began sexually propositioning his neighbors' wives, resulting in a fistfight with one of the husbands.

He also claimed to have joined a secret sadomasochism cult called the International Council of Masters, and to have become its "Slavemaster", whose duties included luring victims to gatherings to be tortured and raped by cult members.

After Robinson arranged for Bonner's alimony checks to be forwarded to a Kansas post office box, her family never heard from her again.

For several years Bonner's mother continued forwarding her alimony checks, and Robinson continued cashing them.

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