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After appearing in 2005 on HBO's One Night Stand, the Conchords were offered their own 12-part HBO series Flight of the Conchords, which was based on their earlier BBC radio series of the same name. His debut was in the kung fu comedy Tongan Ninja, directed by New Zealander Jason Stutter.

He has worked with Stutter on two more movies to date: the low budget ghost comedy Diagnosis: Death and the drama Predicament, based on the book by late New Zealand novelist Ronald Hugh Morrieson.

On 5 February 2006, Outback Steakhouse began running a series of television commercials starring Clement during Super Bowl XL in which Clement pretends to be Australian and feigns an Australian accent.

Also at University he met Bret Mc Kenzie with whom he performed in Edinburgh, thus forming Flight of the Conchords.In 1999, Clement was a Radio Awards Winner as writer for Trashed, for Channel Z, Wellington.Clement, with fellow Conchord member Bret Mc Kenzie, guest starred as a pair of camp counselors in "Elementary School Musical", the season premiere of the 22nd season of The Simpsons, which aired on 26 September 2010.Clement and Bret Mc Kenzie formed Flight of the Conchords while at Victoria University.They have toured internationally and released four CDs: Folk the World Tour in 2002, The Distant Future EP in 2007 (winner of 2008 Grammy for Best Comedy Album), Flight of the Conchords in 2008 and I Told You I Was Freaky in 2009.

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In 2010, he voiced Jerry in Despicable Me and appeared in the film Dinner for Schmucks.