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It was a decision that Farrell said made sense: "It’s a beautiful, gentle moment, and a f**king large c**k with huge b**ls is just f**king jarring.” WILLEM DAFOE Willem Dafoe is widely rumored to be the owner of Hollywood's largest package.And while shooting his latest film, "Antichrist," director Lars Von Trier found out for himself.A source said: “Louise goes absolutely everywhere with him – they just don’t make a big song and dance about it."She knows all his friends really well and regularly visited him on The Saturday Kitchen set and was on set for his ASDA commercials – so all his colleagues get on great with her too,” the source said.COLIN FARRELL Like Mc Gregor, Colin Farrell hasn't been shy about whipping out his wang for the camera.But unlike Mc Gregor, Farrell's penis keeps getting left on the cutting room floor.

He was first linked to Louise back in 2011 and has been quietly dating her ever since.

James rarely speaks about his private life but he has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Louise Davies.

The TV chef has been in a relationship with the PA for seven years and even lives with her – despite his claims that he was “dating”.

You don't know RJ Berger just yet, but give it time, you will.

A total nerd, a complete dweeb and you guessed it, an absolute dork, RJ is a high school student stuck firmly in the lower level of the social hierarchy.

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