High school dating simulator

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High school dating simulator

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The world of dating sims wasn’t originally intended to be seedy, but instead just another type of sim in the wide world of simulation video games.

There are radical exceptions with glowing neon laser dragons, but most April Fools’ games are free mini-downloads or temporary patches that probably got made with a sliver of resources compared to the same developers’ commercial releases.

They need a small development scope, and visual novels are one of the least complicated genres to develop in.

Again, I emphasize that I'm not making an overgeneralized claim such as “all video games are violent”, especially while I’m already discussing a genre that revolves around Not Violence.

But have you noticed that the images I've used here are from dating sims spun-off from a fighting game (Juxtaposing tones is funny, and nothing juxtaposes high-octane action or dramatic warfare more than clumsy romance.

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