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Goroskop site kzdating

Yesterday, we talked about Mars (the muscle) and Mercury (the brains) as I described the current gang-like grouping of planets being led by the Sun. Venus is also hanging about on the same Virgoan street corner, at the heart of the group. Secretly, silently, it was issued by the cosmos at the very moment when you first arrived on this planet.

Today it moves opposite compassionate Neptune in an alignment that involves generous Jupiter. If you've never seen your full personal birth chart, it's time you knew what it contained.

We are born into cycles and needless to say, the lunation cycle plays an important role in understanding the major themes unfolding in our lives.

The Sun and the Moon, the lights, are our cosmic father and mother.

Don't expect someone else to hand you the treasure chest. Once you start, you may realize that you're much closer than you think. There's a great deal of help for you along the way. Get clarity with a psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes! Get clarity with a psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes!Transformative Pluto offers in-depth assistance in solving problems. Because the influence of Jupiter and Saturn will center on your second house of possessions and values, you will likely be involved in a personal inventory of sorts.From February to June , your attention will be focused on all that you call yours and how you freely use it.Those factors include Sun/Moon aspects, Venus/Mars aspects, and aspects involved with the ruler of the 7th and/or 5th houses, or with the natal Ascendant.In this article, I will present two timing techniques that were used by Hellenistic astrologers to determine when certain events would occur during the course of a native’s life.

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