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In the interest of time, the short answer is that your library will migrate to You Tube Music before Google Play Music shuts down.The long answer is that your Google Play Music library is made of up to three types of content, and each type of content could potentially be handed differently during the migration: Library migration has not happened yet.Google is not raising your rates for the new service; whatever your price was when you signed up for Google Play Music will continue to be your price after You Tube Music replaces it.If you still pay /month for Google Play Music, you'll keep paying /month when Google Play Music is retired for You Tube Music.See what Google Play Music's flaws are and how they could impact your use.Fixing Google Play Music You Tube Music will eventually be replacing Google Play Music, but nothing's stopping you from picking up the app and trying it out right now!

The issue appears to be a bug related to the Google app beta program, as users are reporting that exiting the program brings back Google Podcast functionalities.Your You Tube Music library at the moment exists separately of your Google Play Music library at this time and we are still a ways off from migration.You'll need to rebuild your subscription music library from You Tube Music's catalog if you want to use You Tube Music right now.I rebuilt a chunk of my library in You Tube Music and have been slowly building it out between discovering songs through Your Mixtape and adding music when I get a craving for it.If you don't want to rebuild the library — or worry about merging them down the line — then be patient and keep using Google Play Music for now.

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Google will absolutely let you know when they migrate over your library.

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