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Buses and trolleys maneuvered through the nearby transportation center.

Bleacher Report spent several months examining the Sharper allegations—interviewing law enforcement officials, examining police reports and court documents, and also speaking to former teammates and coworkers.

Around noon that day, the woman told police she drove back to the apartment to confront Sharper. “You know what’s coming.”She told police she left the apartment, got into her car and began the five-minute trip to Tempe St. Eventually, an emergency room nurse, Renee Little, phoned police.

She recounted this exchange in her account to police.“What happened? Sharper, she says, was acting like he was the one drugged. In the end, three women told police they were drugged by Sharper that night in Tempe, with one of them stating her belief that Sharper had drugged her at one of the clubs.

She remembered nothing after that shot handed to her by Sharper, she said in the Tempe police report.

She was confused and scared and immediately departed, driving to her parent’s nearby home, she said in the report.

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This woman's experience was just one of a number of allegations made against Sharper by at least eight women across five states, according to police reports in New Orleans, Miami Beach, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as court documents from hearings in Los Angeles and New Orleans.