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Fromdatingtodiapers blogspot com

I'm in such awe and wonder when I think of how she came to join our family. To open our eyes to other children waiting in orphanages due to a small thing called a "special need". So thankful the Lord is still leading us by the hand. (September.) All I can say is we are smitten with the baby of the family.

How God loved her so much...He knew we were meant to have her...forever. He knew which little girl He created would need us and that we needed her. God gave us a tender nudge, a gentle tug to follow Him on a journey that He would not fail us.He would not leave us..only we would trust Him. She is a true picture of Jesus and the Hope He brings.

The middles are both going to ESL summer school for several weeks that we think will help them both.

At least I thought so until I had a small cyst removed from the tall finger knuckle of my right hand, rendering it practically useless. I've been wearing contacts since I was 13 years old. More specifically, the middle finger of my right hand is crucial to holding my eye open while I put both right and left contacts in.

Everything from the half and half to yogurt, to the toothpaste.

Today he not only grabbed my hair straightener and burned his fingers, he also fell head first off of the bed.

This child has been totally cursed with the clumsy gene from me.

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I really think we both should be living in a bubble!!