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I will attempt to call you again on (DATE) at (TIME) if you are happy for me to do so.

Kind regards, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), I’m writing to follow-up on my previous email as I didn’t hear back from you.

Use the right tools such as Sidekick or Tout App to automate your emails and to make sure they’re actually working. Therefore, you should show that you understand their challenges and that your expertise can help solve them. So the format of the perfect sales email template is as follows: Hi (FIRST NAME), In working with other (INSERT INDUSTRY OR POSITION), one of the key issues they’re struggling with is (INSERT KEY ISSUE).

This past year we helped numerous companies to (INSERT BUSINESS DRIVER), resulting in (MONEY SAVED, REVENUE ADDED, PRODUCTIVITY INCREASES).

Kind regards, (YOUR NAME) (YOUR JOB TITLE) (YOUR PHONE NUMBER) (YOUR EMAIL) Hi (FIRST NAME), I understand you are (TITLE) at (COMPANY NAME), and you’re a user of (INSERT COMPETITORS NAME)?

If not, could you please let me know who the appropriate person for me to talk to is?

The bad news is that there are no one-size fits all solutions, so you have to be targeted in your approach.

Personalization makes your email feel like it’s one-to-one rather than a bulk message.

Jump back in time to the early ‘90s, when email was starting to infiltrate its way into our daily lives and you were probably excited to see that ‘1 new message’ sign in your email client.

It didn’t matter what it said, it was an email sent to you by another person – this was some kind of witchcraft and obviously, you were going to read it (in full).

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Are you free for a chat (TIME OPTIONS) about (TOPIC)?

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