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“I have to have some way of communicating with people who feel the same way.”Nielsen is not alone.

This month marks one year since the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) updated its stance on same-sex unions, threatening expulsion for adults in same-sex marriages and withholding baptism for their kids.

Harris said she completely understood the woman’s pain.

Have you ever wondered why disaffected, ex-, post and former Mormons often are such neurotic people with miserable lives?

He decided to post a hypothetical question: What might happen if the President of the Mormon Church, Thomas S.

And for those who stay, only about 25-percent of the young, single members are actually active in the faith, she said.

The Mormon Church declined to provide a comment for this article.

“WARNING: If you live with people who are members of the church, they will almost certainly be told about your resignation,” stated the website.

Once the letter has been submitted, you’ll likely receive some follow-up messages attempting to change your mind, as well as a visit (through mail or sometimes even in-person) from a local bishop or branch president.

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But that policy decision is not the only reason people are choosing to leave, Barlow explained.