Excel 2016 application screenupdating not working employer no dating policy

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Excel 2016 application screenupdating not working

I don't really want to use a timed wait, because the refresh speed is going to vary from user to user. I've tried what seems intuitive, but nothing works. Thought I'd append my experience of the above problem - you can find all sorts of references to it everywhere. Then, finally I unregistered the old DLL via Code: Hi, I would like to have a help in programming the code for Auto refresh every 5 seconds or so in the excel sheet attached. Need to modify with adding a code of auto refreshing every 5 seconds instead of default 1 minutes.Is there some way I can tell excel to wait till the refresh has finished and then execute the code? Hello, i've got the following problem: I want users to double-click on a row on a protected sheet and then do some code based on the row-number of the clicked cell. Refresh Hi All, I got the below macro which uses IE and open the URLs. My problem was that a userform defined with Excel at work (containing DT pickers) gave the message in the title when opening it at home. I then copied the MSCOMCT2.* files from work, made a backup of them at home and copied those from work to my C-drive (Windows XP - c:\windows\system32\ ). Thanks Pritz I'm trying to use VBA to go to a website that requires a User Name, Password, and a Submit Button.Code: Hi there, I have a piece of code called Convert Dates that formats data contained on 6 worksheets.The 6 data sheets all contain a data connection to a website of foreign exchange tables.

Once Status is updated to "Complete", it would be helpful to be able to run a macro/click a button that would perform the transfer. The issue is the refreshes only happen if you step through the macro using the debugger. Open Filename:="C:\Profile.xls" Sheets("SELECTION"). IF YOU RUN MACRO NORMALLY THE CONNECTIONS DO NOT REFRESH Active Workbook. Application Dim URL As String Set app IE = Create Object("Internet Explorer. Visible = True Do While .busy: Do Events: Loop Do While .Click Exit For End If Next End Sub I have a requirement to change the panes in excel. I have to free the first two lines in all the tabs except the first one. Code: Hi all, The following code is placed in workbook 'A' and is used to open workbook 'B'.These workbooks will now always be housed in the same directory and i want to change the code to use a relative path reference by determining the path of workbook 'A'. Open "C:\Documents and Settings\.....\workbook B.xls", Update Links:=xl Update Links Always End Sub could you suggest how to change this to use a relative path reference?But if I type anything else (numbers, letters, or symbols) then it types 2 instances of the key every time, yet when I hit enter, nothing changes in the cell.I also can't really bring focus to the excel window if something else (ie.

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I am using below code to Select the Visible rows in the target range: Code: Problems in this code a 1) after applying the filter, while selecting the data it is selecting all the rows in given range till last row on the workbook. Hi, This is a very basic question, but i have been struggling for hours, so I must ask. Create Item(0) On Error Resume Next With Out Mail . I've made sure that screenupdating is turned back on at the end of every procedure.

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  1. I wrote a small test program with a simulator which passes the current time to the write Log() method every 3 seconds and it works perfectly for me: Thanks again Ranga, Hopefully, you will bear with me a little longer, as I am not quite getting how I should be working with threads.