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It's amazing how a rural area can turn out both the very best of humans..at the same time the very worst. It's like he's made them fell proud for being racism, redneck assholes. t Rump will start to whine about election fraud as we come to election time.I've lived here and stood against hate my whole life. If he loses, that's what he'll blame the loss on and try to stir up armed rednecks to keep him in power.I have to be careful about what I say arounnd some of my "friends".They get vicious if I criticize the orange-faced shit gibbon. A friend and I once drove to Louisiana to pick up some specimens for my thesis.My neighborhood is incredibly diverse, both racially and LGBTQ , and VERY liberal.I can walk to tons of shops, bars and restaurants, as well as my doctor, my bank, my gym, and my hair stylist.As we passed through East Texas (in a UT Austin van), we saw a pickup truck in the next lane over.

Part of the human condition I guess but makes for some not so nice places to live and raise kids. Love the catfish houses and restaurants with a mix of Louisiana and traditional southern cooking. The Nazi element adds hate to the list of problems, but unfortunately takes them off the list of things Trump's federal law enforcement will help you deal with. " I've lived here for all of my adult life and I've clearly never been murdered, not even assaulted.Didn't take me long to see that Michigan, though being in the North was just as bad as where I moved from. everyone said El Dorado was the sin capitol of the area. Im always treat super nice, but drive a truck, am white and because I am there to hunt often am wearing cammo or an orange cap.Seems like every place I worked always had a zone where people could go to do their "sinnin'". They sometimes ask about the Florida Tag but only in a curious way, never in a suspicious manner.My kid is still in school and has lots of family here. My county is pretty blue, but I'm still in Georgia.When I'm out and about, I have no way of deciphering who is a violent MAGAt/ Nazi thug just waiting to take his/her frustrations out on me. He has empowered white supremacists and made this country a lot less safe.

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