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Entering via an underground car park on a Saturday evening, my male friend and I encounter the uneven door policies that are rife throughout gay venues (a vague attempt to curb gay activity).

Men arriving solo or in all-male groups pay more, queue separately and are often denied entry altogether.

Because the mentality here is that gay men need to be deterred from homosexual activity, police raids of clubs and private parties are common.For a time, the authorities even patrolled the plethora of Dubai malls, searching for “obvious” signs of homosexuality.When unsuspecting gay men are entrapped, the consequences of their sexuality are dependent on their nationality.Earlier today we reported how Brit Zara-Jayne, who was jailed in Dubai after claiming she was raped, wept as she was reunited with her family back in the UK.Hi guys, so dating for a guy in Dubai is getting depressing!

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Several weekends later I find a similar scene at another club.