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Does intimidating

You never know who's watching that could help you rise in your career.Warrell pointed out, "While it may be easy to succumb to resentment or resignation and mentally check out of your job, doing so not only undermines your own integrity but it can put you at risk of being branded as whiner, a slacker, or both." You're not doing yourself any favors by retaliating in that way.Business writer Margie Warrell at Forbes recommended, "If you know you have a boss who’s disorganized, then help him to be on top of things rather than whining about his lack of organizational skills.If you know your boss is often late to meetings, offer to kick off the next meeting for him.Any skills that you learn now will help you to be a more valued person in your future endeavors.

Rather ask questions, seek to understand, and work to defuse a difficult situation instead of cowering or responding in anger." Either your boss has a valid point and their answers will help clarify that, or they might see the error in their harshness with your well pointed questions.There's a time to hold back your words and a time to stand up for yourself, and sometimes you have to show them you're not a welcome mat — albeit tactfully and with respect, because yes, they're still you're employer.So here's how to walk that tricky line with 11 tips on how to handle having an intimidating boss.If he tends to change his mind frequently, or is outright forgetful, be sure to document interactions so you can refer back to them if he ever contradicts himself." By doing this, you begin to make yourself indispensable.While constantly being under-appreciated might inspire you to begin to slack, fight against it.

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Your ability to identify mitigate issues before they arise is key to becoming an irreplaceable employee." Focus on the needs and priorities of the office, and they won't have a choice but to respect you.

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