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Specifically, programs will need to be refined so that they support behavior change, with future research focusing on program development that explicitly seeks to incorporate skill-building components in an effort to impart behavior change. [divider type="stripes" margin="20px 0 20px 0" ] At the top of our website we have displayed a message to warn you that our website makes use of cookies and that one has already been set.Additionally, future research should explore the role of bystanders more explicitly, examining how prevention programs may shift the peer culture to be less tolerant of dating violence. By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to cookies being used by Google Analytics, and those social media channels you expressly select by clicking on buttons (links). By displaying this message we hope that we are providing you with the information you require about our use of cookies, and presenting you with the option to consent to their use.This systematic review found that prevention programs do have an impact on teen dating violence knowledge and attitudes.At post-test, students in the intervention conditions increased their knowledge and endorsed attitudes that were less accepting of violence in relationships.Moderation analysis did not find any significant variables that impacted the effect sizes.

These studies suggest that prevention programmes have little impact on behaviour.

Meta-analysis was used to examine the effects of school-based programs versus a control group on increasing knowledge of teen dating violence, changing attitudes or beliefs supportive of teen dating violence, reducing incidents of dating violence perpetration, and reducing incidents of dating violence victimization.

A three-level meta-analytic model was utilized to synthesize the effect sizes.

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The incidence of psychological, physical, and sexual violence in intimate dating relationships has a significant impact on young people.