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Rowley has also appeared on The Amanda Show, most notably the sketch called "Blockblister" (a parody of the video retail chain Blockbuster), where he plays a customer who is angry because he did not get the movie he wanted (he paid for the video by tearing off his arm and giving it to them, replying "Keep the change! Again, he expresses his anger with loud outbursts in the scene. He also voices Bunsen on the Nickelodeon animated series Bunsen Is a Beast, for which he gained an Annie Award nomination. Ele já apareceu em várias séries de televisão e filmes, muitas vezes retratando personagens um tanto "balísticas", especialmente em programas de televisão.Por exemplo, no sitcom da Nickelodeon, i Carly, ele interpretou Lewbert que é desagradável e porteiro do prédio de Carly.On Carly and Sam's webshow, they have a segment called "Messin' With Lewbert" where the two girls play pranks on Lewbert downstairs in the lobby of the building.when people walk all over the floor he just mopped).

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