Dating someone who is a quadrepelegic equally yoked christian dating service

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Dating someone who is a quadrepelegic

With respect to taking care of me, most aspects are not very sexy but need to be addressed.Over the last year, he learned how to do my bowel program, change my catheter, dress me, shower me, etc., but only in stages.We want to spend our lives together and he has been so gentle in pushing me forward to help me understand that he loves me, all of me, and all that that entails.He has shown me such kindness and love, which I did not think existed.I have to get up two hours early to go to the bathroom, get dressed, clean everything up, and then allow time for my boyfriend to get ready as well.

There is a financial transaction that takes place for someone to take care of you.I was heading down to Atlanta to join my whole family for the Christmas holidays and the question arose as to whether I was going to bring a caregiver with me in addition to my boyfriend or just attempt to fly solo with him taking care of me.I love him so much, but I wanted to make sure that I did not blur the lines with respect to having my loved one become a caregiver because I firmly believed it would change the nature of our relationship.While you may grow a bond with one another you still have to pay them.This is their livelihood, this is what they do, and this is their career.

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I’m sure this stems from my early years of prancing around the world, dating men, and then deciding to leave the country to embark on another adventure if the relationship did not work out.