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Even the lower classes were expected to practice self denial and discipline.In the samurai class, men were expected to be accomplished in literature and the arts in addition to being strong warriors (Brown, 2012; Sugihara & Katsurada, 2002).Many people get upset about female gender roles and the submissive nature of those roles. Being the head of the household and forced to wield authority over women and other people lower in the social order can be a problem for some men.Of course, many men (and women for that matter) enjoy lording over others.You may be surprised to learn that Japan used to be a matriarchal society.That is, until Confucianism landed on Japan’s shores (Sugihara & Katsurada, 2000). The household, called in Japanese, is the basic building block of society.This was all a part of forms the foundation for Japanese male identity from the feudal era up to the end of World War II.

Being a stay-at-home dad isn’t something “real” men do. I have friends who dreamed of being stay-at-home fathers, but society’s expectations frowned upon them doing “women’s work”.However, both types of men wrestled with feelings of inadequacy about his ability to provide for the family when the wife worked.Men’s social role of being the devoted breadwinner remains a burden.Society pressures men to conform to expectations just as much as it does women.Men are expected to shoulder authority, even when he would rather share it with his wife.

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Even the peasant class had the risk of being conscripted as an a As you may remember from the article about women’s gender roles, women were also expected to be loyal to their husbands and the Japanese state.