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“I never thought that it would happen for me, so, on a personal level, it’s really gratifying and cool,” Rothman, 44, said of his nomination.He also gave credit to the “massive team” that worked with him on the movie.As the show’s head writer, he received five Emmy nominations during his tenure.

At 21, he landed an apprenticeship at “The Late Show With David Letterman” that turned into a staff job.

Parker — the older, alternate-universe Spidey — breaking the glass at his wedding. Parker is unique to our movie, but [his Jewishness] definitely came from a strong conviction I had and a joking argument we were having in the office,” Rothman said.

“It’s our interpretation, knowing what we know about Stan Lee.” Growing up in Forest Hills and then in Scarsdale, Rothman was raised in a Reform Jewish home where Judaism was “always part of our lives,” he said. We observed all the holidays and traditions, and I’ve maintained that. I have children now and it’s definitely part of how I raise them.

“21 Jump Street” grossed 1.6 million worldwide in 2012 and the follow-up made 1.3 million two years later.

Hill and Tatum are still attached to return to “MIB 23,” but it’s unknown if they will have a part in this latest spinoff.

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“Even though it was only on for a little while, it was a launching pad for a lot of people who became prominent in film comedy, Seth Rogen and Jason Segel among them,” Rothman said. We all liked working together, so they brought me along and I ended up writing and producing other things.” After working on projects including the films “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “22 Jump Street,” Rothman said he became “more interested in trying my hand at more visual storytelling and relying less on dialogue, [to] find ways to make it compelling and entertaining without words.