Dating my sister

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Dating my sister

long story short, i'm getting some signals from this girl, and despite the fact that i'm a fair bit older than her (i'm 32 she's probably 20-22) i'm interested in pursuing it i know that presents its whole other realm of complication for some people but whatever, if it works great, if not i wont spend my life wondering 'what if'.

She just also happens to be my friends sister, not sure how much that complicates an already awkward dynamic. Every time I see this explanation, what I hear is "I didn't get the beat possible result therefore it was the worst thing ever"Does not the good long time you had outweigh losing a couple friends who were clearly ready to ditch you over some minor drama anyway?

One night, my sister walked in on me masturbating and we laughed about how our parents would kill us and I jokingly said we may as well just have sex if we were already gonna die and she laughed a bit and then asked if I meant it and that's how it started.

We had sex occasionally throughout high school after that, I guess it was an escape from being perfect and we both agreed the fact we weren't supposed to be doing it made it more appealing. We live together and sleep in the same bed, sometimes we have sex and sometimes we don't.

When our parents were gone we both took our clothes off and then just stood there looking at one another then put our clothes back on and promised to never mention it ever again and to forget about it.

We continued to be like best friends and nothing like that happened until we were both about 12.

I hadn't dated anyone because I was in love with her. I talked to her one night and told her how I felt expecting to be met with conflict but said she felt the same way.

She told me that the boys she had dated that it never felt right with them.

I'm 26 and gay (with exceptions)My sister is 26 and bi (we're fraternal, two hour apart)We come from a rather strict household. We both graduated top 5 in our class and we both got sports scholarships to state Universities.She asked to see it and at first I was nervous but eventually pulled it out for her to see.She asked me if her body made it happen and I said yes and she began to take her shirt off for me to see her breasts.It was always church on Sundays, school till Saturday, mandatory sports and clubs involvement, mandatory foreign language classes. I participated in SGA, Latin Club, and Debate She in Orchestra (which was a club at our school, not a class) and Chinese Club I mention all this to sort of give context.Everyone thought of us as the over achieving, innocent ones.

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We eventually went to another country for school where noone knew us and my sister introduced me as her girlfriend and I knew I felt the same way. We've both introduced each other to strangers as the other's girlfriend and we go on date nights every week. We've told two people in our current country and one thought we were weird but that we were entitled to our kinks, the other wanted to watch us have sex (we obliged on the condition we could watch him and his bf have sex)We do occasionally have other partners, but it's rare we have sex without the other and the mistresses and misters must be otherwise single.

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