Dating multiple woman

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Dating multiple woman

As a result, the best evolutionary strategy for women is usually to be selective and hold out for a partner who will be reliable.

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  1. Respondent, a professional cyclist, declared that she had “met [appellant] 21/212 years ago through cycling.” She had been friends with him for several months. In an email to appellant dated November 22, 2012, respondent said: “[T]hat hug in the doorway and your hand on my lower back felt good.” “[T]he moments we were close (either wrestling on the couch, or when you were laying in bed with me), seemed more platonic, versus romantic.” Respondent referred to “[t]he time we've both invested to build our relationship over the past 7 months, ․ strengthening our love and respect for each other.”In his communications with respondent after she had rebuffed his advances, appellant made clear that he considered their relationship to have been more than a mere friendship.