Dating movie titles

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Dating movie titles

by Doris Open Parachuting by Hugo First Get Moving! Me Armed Heists by Robin Banks How to Annoy by Aunt Agonize Racketeering by Dennis Court I Love Wills by Benny Fishery Stop Arguing by Xavier Breath Sofa so Good by Chester Field Riel Ambush! Surprise Falling Trees by Tim Burr Monkey Shines by Bob Boone Why Cars Stop by M. Tank Turtle Racing by Eubie Quick Military Rule by Marshall Law I Like Liquor by Ethyl Alcohol I Love Crowds by Morris Merrier , by I. Cry String Instruments by Viola Player Outdoor Activities by Alf Resco Maritime Disasters by Andrea Doria Smash His Lobster! Nonny Mouse In the Arctic Ocean by Isa Berg Perverted Mushrooms by M.

by Armand Hammer I Hit the Wall by Isadore There Ship Mysteries by Marie Celeste I Hate the Sun by Gladys Knight It's a Holdup! by Ivan Alibi Life in Chicago by Wendy City Without Warning by Oliver Sudden Pain in My Body by Otis Leghurts Desert Crossing by I. Krime Cooking Spaghetti by Al Dente Smart Beer Making by Bud Wiser Good Housekeeping by Lottie Dust Mountain Climbing by Andover Hand Theft and Robbery by Andy Tover Equine Leg Cramps by Charlie Horse The Lion Attacked by Claudia Armoff Poetry in Baseball by Homer I Love Mathematics by Adam Up Exercise on Wheels by Cy Kling Measles Collision! Igma I Lived in Detroit by Helen Earth Lots of Excitement by Hugh N.

Finding the perfect date night movie is a delicate balance. You want to express a part of your personality to your significant other/potential significant other, but you don't want to kill the mood.

You're not just trying to mesh two different tastes, you're trying to do so while still maintaining a makeout-friendly mood. ), but if you tread into the Gore Zone, you might kill every last trace of romance with a metaphorical chainsaw. The mood is key here, folks (otherwise, it's not a date night movie...

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This is certainly the case of the hilarious job titles that we feature in this post.That's less hard (although the breakup scene when Segel's character is butt naked during their breakup will probably go down as one of the most awkward breakups in movie history).Peter (Segel) quickly learns that getting over his ex might not be as easy as he thought after arriving on his solo vacation and running into Sarah and her new (rockstar) boyfriend, played by Russell Brand. Beets A Trip to the Dentist by Yin Pain Mineralogy for Giants by Chris Tall Bring to the Grocer's by R. Denominator Military Defeats by Major Disaster and General Mayhem Judging Fast Food by Warren Berger I Lost My Balance by Eileen Dover and Paul Down House Construction by Bill Jerome Holme Kangaroo Illnesses by Marcus Wallaby, M. Exotic Irish Plants by Phil O'Dendron Musical Gunfighters by The Okay Chorale A Whole Lot of Cats by Kitt N. by Sheik Aleg I Like Fish by Ann Chovie Leo Tolstoy by Warren Peace May Flowers by April Showers Pain Relief by Ann L. Morel Modern Tree Watches by Anna Log Noise is Forbidden! by Otto Doit Snakes of the World by Anna Conda The Housing Problem by Rufus Quick Artificial Clothing by Polly Ester More for Your Money by Max Amize If I Invited Him... by Juan Ton Assault with Battery by Eva Ready Gunslingers with Gas by Wyatt Urp Soak Your Ex-Husband by Ali Money And the Other People by Allan Sundry Overweight Vegetables by O.

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Nuff Mosquito Bites by Ivan Itch My Lost Causes by Noah Veil Grave Mistakes by Paul Bearer Get Out There! Troot Irish Flooring by Lynn O'Leum Highway Travel by Dusty Rhodes It's a Shocker by Alec Tricity Keep it Clean! by Otto Sight I Hate Fighting by Boris Hell Mexican Revenge by Monty Zuma I Didn't Do It! by Lucas Measles The Great Escape by Freida Convict Music of the Sea by Lawrence Whelk Breaking the Law by Kermit A.

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