Dating iq test online matchmaker dating game wav file

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Dating iq test online matchmaker

The results section does provide answers, but it makes you go through the questions (again) one at a time to see which ones you got right or wrong. : No - you don't know what questions you got right/wrong.

Test-Guide's Perspective: Brainmetrix provides a free 20 question intelligence test.

You are also give an raw score which doesn't let you know how many questions you answered correctly.

IQ scores are placed on a scale where 100 is considered “average” intelligence, and each standard deviation is 15 points above or below that.

The WAIS-IV (4th Edition) identifies four index scores which represent the major components which make up intelligence: Collectively, these four main index scores are comprised of 15 subtests, 10 of which are considered “core” subtests.

They are organized as follows: The Verbal Comprehension Index Score is made up of three core subtests and one supplemental.

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