Dating girls in syria

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Although 18 is the legal age to marry in Jordan, the law allows for some exemptions.If refugees do wed at a younger age, they might not register their marriage at the courthouse, which makes it difficult to pursue legal justice if the girls are abused or encounter other problems, said Homsi.

The message should not focus on only child marriage but on gender-based violence as a whole, said community volunteer Hala Shalabalsham (left).The families also believe that by marrying girls off early, the husbands will become their protectors in a foreign land, she said.Among some Syrian refugees coming to Jordan was a mindset that by marrying a Jordanian, the girl would gain social status and her family will be able to leave the refugee camp, Homsi said.After her husband’s abuse became too much to bear, she got a divorce and became a single parent of two.She fled with her children when the fighting in Syria worsened in 2012.

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