Dating a widower support group

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Dating a widower support group

In the past, I attended a luncheon sponsored by a local funeral home and partner of the LIFT Program.

I wanted to see firsthand what they have to offer for widows/widowers.

I’ve created a Facebook group for those who are dating widowers.

by Gracie Society tells us a lot of things about the widower.The man is viewed as being virtually without faults because his relationship ended by chance, and not by anything of his own doing. A woman who dates a widower encounters these assumptions frequently.Her partner is viewed by the world with a sad, long face, even when he clearly is in love again.This attitude not only shapes the behavior of the man and chains him to his tragic role, but it renders his new love virtually invisible.This suppression takes its toll on the woman, especially if she does not have support from others who understand.

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