Dating a thai woman etiquette

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Some of the foreigners living permanently in Vietnam are putting in the time to learn the language so they get access to a larger pool of girls.

Another good measure of a “good girl” is if they have a curfew. Coffee shops are way more popular than bars, public displays of affection are rare and many girls have a curfew.

When western civilization comes crashing down on these countries too hard I will need to rethink this strategy.

I asked them to share their thoughts about Vietnamese women, culture, and more. My old way of travel was to visit places for shorter stays (1-2 weeks) but now I like to hang around for longer (about 3 months) and really learn the culture and language.If you looking for traditional Vietnamese women for a long term relationship that could be a bit more challenging because of the language barrier.The fact is that the people of Vietnam are rapidly becoming urbanized.I needed more challenges and I decided to seek out greener pastures in other places around the globe.I have spent some time in Vietnam this year and it brings back memories how Thailand used to be back in the days. On my first visit to this country 7 years ago I saw many hand drawn rickshaw taxis on the streets and very few western fast food places.

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I spent two months in Bangkok before setting up base in Saigon.

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