Dating a nice guy no chemistry

Posted by / 01-Nov-2019 21:41

But, when all said and done, if there's no chemistry there's no chemistry.

I go on a second (and sometimes third) date if I have enough things in common with the guy and if I find him ok-looking.

I'll give someone many dates if there's something developing, or something that could.

Not everyone vibes off the top, and some say those are the best relationships if given time and effort.

I'm a single straight woman, and I'm meeting guys via online dating sites.However, I get the impression he's probably attracted to me.I've considered kissing him to see if I feel anything, but I feel absolutely zero desire to even do that.I've been on dates with only about 4 nice guys (out of about 50 other men who turned out to be jerks! I feel like I've dated a lot and am exhausted, I think going on dates with about 50 awful men in two years is a lot for me personally to deal with and I took periods/breaks where I chose not to date out of frustration.I recently met a guy who is nice which is wonderful and it's also really great that we have a lot of very specific hobbies in common, which are things I kept saying I hoped and wished for in a man.

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His voice also bothered me a bit, I can't explain why but something about his voice...I wasn't too sure if his mannerisms were attractive to me either.