Dallas tx sex chat

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Dallas tx sex chat

There you were, on the walkway that extended from the rooms to the centrally positioned glass elevators.You press the button and I see that the elevator closest to my table is responding.You slide down into the seat and your knees part further as your breathing becomes slightly uneven.Do you like this I ask and your nod encourages me further.I can hear your breathing quicken as my fingertips slip and slide over the thin cloth that is covering the lower lips of your sex.You slightly part your thighs to allow me more access and to gain more pleasure fro my ministrations.I can see the long flowing silk dress that I bought you for this occasion.

I can tell how the dirty words are doing their job as your hips begin to rotate on my hand.

I see the glass enclosed lift approach, slow and stop where you have disappeared from view.

You have prepared yourself very well from what I can tell from my vantage point.

I slip a finger into your womanhood and rub your hooded clit with another finger.

Keep eating I tell you as I watch the blush of sexual excitement move up fro your breasts to your neck.

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I keep moving my fingers around in the slippery juice of your sex and you continue to bring the fork to your mouth in an attempt to enjoy your desert.