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This is the eleventh episode to air after Dan Harmon’s successful return to the show he lovingly created more than five years ago. Jeff,” and it is almost exactly what you would expect from reading that statement.Despite his retreat into nostalgia-land, Wingman’s adult mind still won’t let him not believe in death, so instead of providing suppressing fire during the escape, he murders the cartoons trying to contain him and his imaginary casting the Save Greendale Committee as a limited edition line dubbed the Mutineers. By the second season, my personal favorite and one that would probably be near the top of my All-Time Favorite Sitcom Seasons list, I was one of those obsessive fans.I had the same routine for the third season; there were a few not-so-great episodes but there wasn’t a single fictional character that I cared more about than Abed. It was the season-we-don’t-talk-about — the gas-leak season, as the show currently jokes — written under the leadership of new showrunners. In fact, there were some episodes — notably “Paranormal Parentage,” “Herstory of Dance,” and “Basic Human Anatomy” — that I liked quite a bit, even more than some episodes under Dan Harmon’s watch.I mention all this to illustrate how much had to prove in its fifth season.It had to prove that it was still capable of greatness, that it was worth the renewal (even though the collegiate premise had technically outlived itself), that NBC was right in bringing back Dan Harmon despite various reasons why they shouldn’t, and that it was still the warm — but screwed up — funny show that we all cared a little too much about in the beginning.

These aren’t Cobra Commando rip offs, they are the actual characters, and as classic animated bad guy Destro escapes his downed jet you can rest assured that there won’t be any ten cent winks to the camera while the writers narrowly escape a lawsuit. Jeff, Shirley, Annie, and Britta have all been given 80’s cartoon makeovers and names that would look great on the blister pack of an action figure.Everything was still there — the characters, the basic themes, the references and meta-jokes, the ace directing, etc.— but it was dull around the edges, lacking the vibrance of the seasons that came before it.never became a bad show (I don’t think it ever could), but the fourth season mostly felt like a shadow.It was 13 episodes of spec scripts, a black-and-white copy of a color photo.

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Fourth Wall can explain it on a technical level, with diagrams and everything, but Jeff does it with emotions.