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have games, surveys, questionnaires, and polls, but they are also great for entertainment.

Just reading all the threads and categories and seeing what other people are sharing is entertaining.

For example, if you post a photo, people can comment on it.

Today, the old school understanding of consent, “no means no,” is no longer enough and has been replaced with “yes means yes,” which is the idea that sexual participants must receive a clear “yes” for each sexual act and/or escalation.You can also post on an on this list are targeted to people who are Latino.It can be hard to find people to date who share the same culture and life experiences that you do.There should be no confusion as to whether or not someone has given consent to a sexual activity or escalation.It must be a clear affirmative act -- if someone says “yes,” “that sounds great,” or nods their head yes, they are giving unambiguous consent.

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If you want to find people that you can talk to that share your culture, these are the is a great place for people in the UK to ask for dating and sex advice.