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Luther, as our story is about to show, found that out quickly. They were used by Rome to prove papal authority dating back to the most ancient times.

The Pseudo-Isidorian Decretals were a collection of letters by "popes" from Clement I (c. Martin Luther had obviously recently read the writings of Laurentius Valla, who had exposed the Isidorian Decretals as forgeries back in 1440, and he was incensed about the deceit.

It took place in July and lasted 3 weeks under the sanction of Duke George of Saxony included Luther's friend, Carlstadt.

Eck disposed of Carlstadt, an unskilled debater, in the first dispute on free will. Luther is known for his sharp quill; his abuse of his opponents was harsh even for his era.

By medieval times, when all of western Christendom (which was only Europe), was indeed Roman Catholic, they were spilling the blood of martyrs, not giving it. These letters were forgeries put together by someone calling himself Isidore Mercator around 842 in Metz.He republished it with an introduction that called it haughty, Italian, and typical of the school of Thomas Aquinas. Again Luther republished it, and he advised Mazzolini not to make himself any more ridiculous by continuing to write. The papal legate was Cardinal Cajetan, and when he asked Luther to recant, Luther told him he wanted to speak to Pope Leo X.He explained to Cardinal Cajetan that if Peter was rebuked by Paul and was thus not infallible, then surely Peter's successor was not infallible, either. He told Luther never to enter his presence again unless he revoked his views.He expected to be excommunicated any day, which was a much greater punishment in his day than ours.All of society was Roman Catholic in 1518, and Luther's living came from teaching in the monastery, the cathedral, and the university.

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He again appealed to speak to the pope, then quickly gave that up and requested a general council.

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