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He was born prematurely and the couple never seizes to be thankful that he’s alive and well today.Not only was he born nine weeks premature but he weighed 3 pounds and needed hernia surgery.Christie's father and mother were Republican and Democratic, respectively.

She already had a receptionist job lined up at an ad agency after graduating from college but somehow she ended up in L.Here is what Chris had to say about the whole ordeal, ‘It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it.’ Though he was only three pounds at the time and seemed like he would be a special needs child, he’s now grown up to become a perfectly healthy and happy little boy.Apart from the fact that he has to wear glasses, the little boy is growing up healthy and strong, with parents who love him and never hesitate to rub his cuteness in our faces.Anna said she knew he was the one, but what really sealed the deal was a hobby they shared.In an interview with Chelsea Handler, she revealed this.‘My husband and I, we collect bugs and skeletons…When Chris and I were first dating, he took me back to his apartment and he had a dead bug collection.

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Christie chaired the Republican Governors Association during the 2014 election cycle.