Chris brown dating advice

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Withdrawing support on a collective level shows that we are not a group of women to be trifled with, and where we go, so do our dollars, cents, pounds, euros, and yen.You can have your preferences, but there’s no need to put down women who fall outside that preference, either. Blogs like this one show women that it’s perfectly fine not to support males who disrespect your image.

Do you not see how uplifting and begging on behalf of men who have said they don’t want you or have denigrated your image makes look bad? Have there been many black men begging for forgiveness on behalf of black women who have screwed up?

However, when you're dating a girl with two first names - porn star fodder, to be sure - you know that there's likely to be drama present.

Moreover, when you're dating Chris Brown, notorious Rihanna-beater, you know there's likely to be anger present.

Chris took his always-misdirected frustrations out on his Instagram page, and shared a pic of himself performing on stage.

He captioned the pic, "Bitch playing games when she know you the hottest n---a on the planet! That happened, and sadly, we're not sure what's worse: that he thinks of himself as the hottest on the planet, or that he actually wrote it.

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