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Chat sex nab

The group, made up of officers from local, state and federal agencies, also infiltrates the Web to catch pedophiles.

"Twenty years ago, your molester would have been in the park," Mc Ewan said.

Earlier this year, Los Angeles officials arrested a 43-year-old Calabasas man who lured a 13-year- old Connecticut girl he met in a chat room into a hotel room to have sex.

But even more chilling, according to investigators, is the international network of pedophiles who use the Internet to trade sexually explicit photographs of minors and participate in interactive online child molestations using digital cameras.

Precise numbers are difficult to come by, but more and more pedophiles from around the globe are using the World Wide Web to prey on young, unsuspecting victims, investigators say. They use the Internet to exchange child pornography internationally.

In the Wonderland Club, prospective members were required to supply 10,000 images of kiddie porn to join, authorities said.

Investigators are now using seized pictures to solve missing- children cases.

As early as 1984, when the detail was first formed, police realized the need for specialization when investigating child sex cases.

Eleven years later, the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement team was formed in Los Angeles.

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Police need only to come to Silicon Valley, the center of the technology world, to follow a pedophile through cyberspace.

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