Can carbon dating

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Can carbon dating

This likely explains those news reports citing carbon ages of tens of thousands of years.What could have caused Ice Age or Flood animals and plants to have less C-14 than modern creatures?The most common form of carbon in the atmosphere is carbon-12, which is a stable isotope of carbon.An unstable form of carbon isotope, carbon-14, also known as radiocarbon, is formed when cosmic rays hit atoms in the upper atmosphere of the earth.

All living organisms and our environment are made of carbon.Plants get their share of carbon atoms from the atmosphere. It is seen that at any given point of time, the ratio of stable carbon and radiocarbon in the atmosphere, is almost same as the ratio of stable carbon and radiocarbon in living organisms like plants, animals, and humans.When a living organism dies, its carbon intake ceases.Should carbon-based “ages” force us to reject biblical history?The carbon-dating technique measures amounts of a radioactive version of carbon called carbon-14 (C-14).

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How many times have news reports asserted that an old bone, shell, or piece of charcoal was carbon-dated as tens of thousands of years old?