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“The height, the length and width look like they were designed for children and definitely the straps themselves looked like they were one step away from being ready to attach someone to.“I work in a veterans village right now, building houses and renovating homes so I know about building and fastening and I know of all these different ingenious ways homeless people use to make a camp - and that’s not what we’re looking at here.Following the police statement, Lewis insisted the camp was related to sex trafficking and believes his group have stumbled across a huge human trafficking corridor between the US and Mexico.He said: “Until someone who is an expert in this field tells us this is not related to human trafficking we’re going to keep looking because we know.” Lewis described the camp as “sick” and is asking for volunteers to help track more camps down in the area.“We’ve got leads on three different camps that are not too far from here,” he said.“It looks like it could have been written by someone the age of my 12-year-old daughter - perhaps older or younger - it’s hard to tell.“But certainly the way it’s written and where it’s located it certainly doesn’t seem like it was written in favourable conditions.” Sun Online spoke to several others who had visited the site - a remote area located off the I-19 freeway near Tucson - who also believed it was a child sex trafficking camp.Although police do not believe the camp is related to sex trafficking, the veterans say it is like “no other homeless camp” they’d ever seen - and firmly believe it has been used to hold and abuse children.The makeshift camp contains an underground bunker - accessible only by small children - which was found full of toys and children’s clothing.

Chillingly they also found a tree which they claim is a “rape tree” with small hand restraints at a child’s height.

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Veteran Jon Mc Lane, the group's chaplain, told Sun Online: “I’ve been a homeless advocate for a decade and I have seen hundreds of camps and I’ve been homeless myself and I’ve never seen a camp like this.

“It had an improvised jail and due to the items that were in there it certainly looked like an improvised jail for children.

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