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In he wore a loincloth for most of the movie; his muscles had muscles: “I look at myself then and I just see a walking steak.” The film eventually grossed 5 million.“The naïf cum babe in the woods cum new guy in town cum man-boy cum…visitor-in-an-unusual-environment conceit was, uh…was very, very good to me,” Fraser says now.Fraser was gentle and eager and apparently guileless, and we as a country decided that was something we wanted as frequently as he would provide it, and so he spent some of the best years of his life doing his best to do just that. And on it went—in retrospect, far beyond where Fraser wanted it to go.“I believe I probably was trying too hard, in a way that's destructive,” Fraser says now.And I never saw him fight back.”” He put the horse on a trailer, Durango to Juarez. He got off, came here, saw the cedar chips in the stall barn…Anyway, so I can get Griffin on him.”Griffin is Fraser's eldest son—15 years old. Um, and so he needs extra love in the world, and he gets it.

We've just met, but that doesn't seem to bother him. Griffin, he says, is “a curative on everyone who meets him, I noticed. Or he just makes them, I don't know…put things into sharper relief and maybe find a way to have a little bit more compassion.

That movie put him on the track toward a very specific kind of role.

In 1999, he starred in a horror-adventure flick that also made a bunch of money and ultimately spawned a franchise that would occupy, on and off, the next nine years of his life.

The horse's name is Pecas—the Spanish word for freckles.

Fraser met him on the set of a 2015 History Channel series, Fraser played a mid-19th-century Texas Ranger. Without pretending that the animal is a human, he looked like he needed help. Fraser lives nearby and owns property that overlooks this farm, about an hour north of Manhattan.

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“I got this horse because it's a big horse,” he says, standing in a barn in Bedford, New York.