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The fact that the parts inside the pedal are all Japanese would tell me that they were just using up all the Japanese parts at that time but making the pedals in Taiwan.

Looking at some of the photos on the Internet it does look like a Japanese SD1 except for the soldering.

It is possible that others may exist, probably closer to 118k than 200k.

Between serial number 200k (1983) and 1600k (1996), the correlation is sequential but nonlinear as production increased or slowed down.

However, like vintage guitars and amps, the date of manufacture of almost any effects pedal can be estimated by examining the date codes of its components.

Almost all IC chips have date codes, and other components such as potentiometers, transistors, and electrolytic capacitors can also have date codes.

These continued well past the "37" shown at the end of this table and continued through to the late 80s.

So the date of my pedal would be around 1988,89 as there are no letters befor the number.

However, the bifurcation of the scatter plot might be explained if pedals are sorted by series and then by the type of serial number sticker used.

Even including a couple of outliers, the correlation between serial number and component date is remarkable (r = 0.995 for a 4th-order polynomial curve fit).

As DOD's FX100 pedal board (made in the 1980s) required one to remove the pedal's bottom plate for attachment, which could result in the wrong plate being re-installed after the pedal is removed from the board, such a high degree of correlation during this time is especially striking.

After opening up 175 different DOD pedals and examining the components of their circuit boards for date codes, we plotted serial number as a function of the latest component date code found in each pedal.

The main limitation to such an approach is that the date of assembly of the complete pedal would necessarily lag the newest component date code, perhaps by 2-8 weeks.

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So it must have been made when They first moved to Taiwan or one of the earlier Batches.

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