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Bestdatingadvice net

“Women find confidence so attractive, but it’s also refreshing to meet a guy who isn’t trying too hard. “If the person I’m on a date with is rude or disrespectful to others, it’s a deal breaker for me,” Danielle said.

Spoiler alert: he's as sharp and as charming as you'd expect, and he dropped sarcastic comments and insightful tips about everything from first dates to breakup protocol. When its 5am and you should be sleeping but you insomnia'd out thinking bout the most useless dumbest thoughts you've ever thought. Thanks men's all in one shampoo and body wash."There was a midget at the concert, standing on a chair and she knew all the lyrics..." - My response for "How was the show? Joke playing devil machine. QRd OCi J @mmistakes Grammar nazi or OCD. Well obviously this brains not firing on all cylinders to begin with. Snoop Dogg voice- "don't cry, dry ya eye.."Songs that are longer than 8 minutes are like movies over 3 hours long, straight ridiculous. Used someone else's shower today and I smell like a heavy cologne wearing arm wrestler. #hormonesarethedevil #possessed My tits are basically exposed today y'all. •drives by waving to everyone•This restaurant hired wolf man back hair to pour water and serve food. @mmistakes Truuue 💯✔Thanks for telling me you want to have a conversation with me that's like a normal human being. NE Mpls, how do you survive through winter not being able to turn everything into a shitty block party?

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