Best dating movies of all time

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Ridley Scott directs this con film following the two, small-time con artists as everything they’ve been working towards seemingly falls apart right before their eyes.And on top of it all, Roy’s obsessive-compulsive, agoraphobic lifestyle doesn’t do anything to help.Roy finds himself stretched thin between his estranged mother (Anjelica Huston) and his current girlfriend (Annette Bening), both of which are grifters that happen to be playing their own angles.The film delves more into personal relationships and the strains therein, with the thrilling twist that all parties involved are con artists with their own, personal agendas.But, because his last scam backfired after he conned his way into thousands of dollars, he’s indebted to a mob boss (Dustin Hoffman), which makes everything much more difficult.Directed by James Foley and also starring Rachel Weisz and Paul Giamatti, follows Gabriel Caine (Woods) after he’s been released from prison.

In the exceptional occasion that Hollywood produces a film that’s so enthralling, so captivating that we as an audience can’t look away, it quickly becomes iconic.The duo play two con men, Freddy Benson (Martin) and Lawrence Jamieson (Caine), that are attempting to settle a rivalry.To do so, they bet on who is able to con an American heiress (Glenne Headly) out of ,000 first.With the surface story as well as a champion boxer story in the background, this film has layers of action and drama throughout, making it one of the most compelling.stars comedian Steve Martin alongside Michael Caine in a con film that’s fun for everyone.

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adds an unreal, almost unbelievable element to the trope that makes it stand out above all else.

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