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In the beginning they were very very slowly climbing the charts until this song came out then they took off to Venus at the very top of the charts. "Madonna's got something good going on." Purple Rain - Prince & The Revolution Better than Billie Jean..better If you lived during the 80's, you know how prolific Prince was to the music scene. My mom and I sing along with that song every time it comes on the Radio! AC/DC should be top 30 I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts Best song of all time Seriously this should be number 1 The song with attitude! "It totally goes with the movie, 'The Breakfast Club.' It's My Life - Talk Talk This is an awesome song...MTV played his stuff constantly, almost as much as Michael Jackson. When you try to visualize 80s in your head, you might think of puffy hairs, net tank-tops, rock or pop, but all of it looks so much more 80s when covered by purple rain. Belinda Carlisle sings this great song of the 80;s. " Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears This song is my jam. An all time favorite at all the school dances and dance halls. - maarilynmaanson Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics Absolutely classic and catchy as. I'm so in love with his voice and you can really feel something behind the music because they made it with passion.See full summary » An updated version of the classic game show involving bachelors and bachelorettes hoping to meet that special someone.The contestant is presented with three prospective dates whom she ...

- Toraqi The first 2 most people have heard of the MOP album metal fans or not. I don't like Bonnie Tyler, but that song totally rocks. One - Metallica Its at number 6 on the best songs of all time. Needless to mention the vocals, because Morten Harket is always perfect. Best 80s song Underrated journey song, much better than don’t stop beleivin.Worst Prince song ever but I still like this guy Paradise City - Guns N' Roses This song brings back old memories. Every time it came on the radio my spirits were lifted. - gibsonrock53 Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions Greatest song in the 80's ever! Fantastic song, every time it is played on the party I'm first to the dancefloor. - cwoodkiter Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds I'd put this in the top 10. This original song is way better that gene stefani's version I Like This Version Than No Doubt Version - masoncarr2244 What is this song Footloose - Kenny Loggins Totally surprised this song hasn't even been mentioned..Man this song makes me live and die at the same time This song pumps me up and makes me get an adrenaline rush! And nowadays it brings me back to those days when we were all care-free, you were cool no matter what you wore, the funkier your clothes or hairstyle the better, life was just AWESOME (like this song) to put it simply. - Gehenna The Second Beautiful song nothing else to say This song teaches you about life, it's your inspiration. I think it should be one of the songs with BEST lyrics! What is this song Every Rose has its thorn is better When I think 80s, I think Poison, and when I think Poison, I think nothing' but a Good Time : D - JAE29 Awesome! All u mainstream "billie jean/sweet child of mine" punks need to learn this is an 80's song. The greatest 80's song EVER - brad76 Footloose is all the way down here!Very2 thank so much to the top tens cause appear this songs in this sites... Eye of the tiger is my most favorite song awesome When Doves Cry - Prince & The Revolution Yes This song should've been in the top 3!It was the greatest hit of 1984, and people from all over the world was crazy about this song!

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- maarilynmaanson There should at least be many, many 80s metal songs populating the list, if not the top of the list...

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