Ashley banjo and kimberly wyatt dating

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Ashley banjo and kimberly wyatt dating

preceded by lead single "Get Stupid" on 24 July 2015.He premiered the "Get Stupid" video on , followed by an interview on Lorraine.JLS also had their very own film "JLS: Eyes Wide Open" which broke many box office records at the time.and would appear alongside Diversity dancer Ashley Banjo and former Pussycat dolls member Kimberly Wyatt.They are the third-most successful group ever to come out of The X Factor, after One Direction and TXF 2011 winners Little Mix.The band have released four studio albums (JLS, Outta This World, Jukebox, and Evolution) and have had five UK #1 songs to date, along with four top ten singles, one top twenty single and have sold more than 10,000,000 records worldwide.

Merrygold posted a yellow picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, asking fans to "play around" with the filters to reveal a "hidden message", which revealed the name of the EP and its release date, 28 April 2017.However, this year bosses shot themselves in the feet by moving it to August - despite its former sister show Must Be The Music proving a flop in the summer months.The latest run - won by street duo Duplic8 - aired over just four weeks, with the highest rating episode coming in at 757,000 viewers.However, now feels the natural time for the series to take its bow."I'd like to thank our contestants, the fantastic production team, Davina Mc Call for being such a tremendous host and our judging panel - Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia - who brought unparalleled levels of dance talent and expertise to the television talent show."The news comes almost two months after the fifth series, which saw a dip in the ratings.Got To Dance traditionally aired between January and March, when it was able to hit 1million viewers.

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In August 2017, Merrygold was announced as a contestant for the fifteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing.

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