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I mean, when you put a dog down, you sit there and pets its head, right? She now thinks being a partner is, like, being a life partner.” Based completely on one drunken night together, didn’t Sarah just say… How dare she hook up with Ed the next day after she did? This guy will be safe and will go on a date of his own. Back at the house, Chris is trying not to mislead Jamie any further. – Chris just stuck his tongue in Sarah’s mouth.“Chris is so loyal to me,” declares Jamie.Jamie is wearing a hot pink bikini, flirting with Chris. – Chris just paid for a hotel room to spend the night with Sarah. He tries, but he has no chance of staying on Bachelor Pad. Chris and Blakeley are a big part of Michael’s alliance.Chris Harrison crashes the after party, bringing surveys for the exhausted and drunk Bachelor Pad players to fill out.Jaclyn thinks these surveys might have something to do with the next day’s challenge. He says, “So, pretty much, every answer is either me or Erica Rose.”CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! The questions start innocent enough – pop culture and Bachelor and Bachelorette trivia. Chris Bukowski is cheering her on, much to Blakeley Jones‘s dismay.Jamie and Chris end up in bed together, because Chris is an idiot. ), she’s mentally planning their wedding and naming their children. I think it’s safe to say Sarah is no longer sad about Jaclyn “stealing” Ed. He explains, Chris does not have a rose, since he did not win the challenge. Despite being on the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad two times, Michael is not dumb.

Kalon tells Chris what he wants to hear, purposely misleading him. Ed warns Chris – it’s too early to go shaking up the house. He’s to drive Jamie directly to her therapist’s office.

(a straggler from another season who wanted to join the show) and Erika (who had a possibly fake fainting spell before the rose ceremony). I mean they seemingly went all the way on the show (apparently Ed is very noisy), but I also mean they almost won the whole dang contest of Bachelor Pad. If there’s an announcement that has to do with The Bachelor or any of its ensuing shows or cast members, you can bet that Jaclyn will be on that with something hilarious to say.

Unfortunately, Ed and Jaclyn were cut in Episode 7 by Jaclyn’s then-best friend Rachel Trueheart and Rachel’s partner, Nick Petersen (who won the whole thing). Her blog, Blonde Hair Don’t Care, also boasts thigh-slapping recaps of each episode of The Bachelor. Now that you’ve met Jaclyn (again), it’s time to watch her on Bachelor In Paradise.

The contestants just keep on coming on Bachelor In Paradise, don’t they? This week, though, a fairly familiar face is joining the group in Mexico — that of Jaclyn Swartz, a contestant on Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor.

Though she was bounced out of the competition fairly early (more on that later), Jaclyn is a staple in the Bachelor Nation community.

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What happened to Jaclyn on The Bachelor and on Bachelor Pad?